Oct 11, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!


This past weekend was incredible. Peyton was a flower girl in my friend's wedding. We drove to Seagrove, Fl and had a great time. I will be posting more pictures when I have some time.

Oct 5, 2010


Peyton was at my parents' house early in the morning. My mom was getting ready for work and my father began making the bed. Peyton said, "Pa, you are the best Pa ever, because you do the stuff that Ma forgets to do."

At school, she had to go to timeout after refusing to share a toy and tossing it across the room. When she got home my mother-in-law asked her why she had to go to timeout. Peyton said, "I dunno. I guess I might have thrown something."

Peyton had her first hair cut! I took her to a place called Sweet and Sassy. They use a lot of glitter there so I figured she would sit still for them. Unfortunately, now that her hair is cut, it doesn't have many curls anymore. This saddens me.


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