Jan 20, 2011

Hello again

Okay, as usual I have taken a long break between posts. So, time to catch up...
First, as most of you should know, we are pregnant with baby #2 and due on August
3rd. Peyton is super excited and has made it clear that she wants a girl. Kris and I have no preference, just healthy and happy! We are preparing to buy a new home within the next six months. We are so excited because we have worked really hard to make it happen. Peyton refers to this as, "Moving Up." We also both graduated in December with our Masters degrees. So, all in all things are great! And of course ther's P. Peyton has become quite the comedian. She is constantly using her quick witt to keep her out of trouble, make others laugh, or steal attention from random passers by. For instance, Kris and Peyton went sledding when it snowed and of course I dressed her in multiple layers of mismatched clothing. She saw her Dad, looked in the mirror and said, with a huff, "Dad, we look like EDDiots!" After we finished laughing we told her that was not a nice word. It reminds me of when she was two and saw it had snowed a large amount during nap time. Her response, "HOLY CRAP! It snowed!"
She is great! I hope we have another hot mess just like her, eventhough she did use a large packing box to throw all of her toys in, closed it tight and claimed she had cleaned her room yesterday. These are things I am willing to deal with because I get the funny everyday.

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