Dec 13, 2009

Peyton- UPDATE

Sorry that I haven't posted in so long folks! Peyton has kept us very busy. A couple stories for you:

Peyton was sitting at the table eating and she said, "Momma, you're in my heart."

Peyton loves "group hugs." She gets between me and Kris and says, "Group hug everyone!" Then while we are hugging she says, "Awwww, I love my family!"

Peyton has a Christmas program on Tuesday, Her class will be singing and ringing bells. I will take lots of pictures and I will also try to post a video clip.

Nov 5, 2009

Peyton's Halloween


Peyton had a great Halloween weekend. She had a party at school and her class paraded through the gym for the parents. She fell asleep on the way home from the school party. Sugar crash! Then on Saturday she didn't want to wear her halloween costume since she had worn it for her birthday party and to school. She dug through her dress up box and decided on her tu tu. I attached some pictures. ENJOY!!!

Nov 4, 2009

Taller to the Ceiling

Peyton is always talking about getting "bigger to the ceiling." We've talked about eating vegetables so that she can grow. Yesterday on our way home from school the conversation began again. I told her she also needs to get plenty of sleep too. Peyton said, "no mommy sleep doesn't work, just vegetables. I don't like vegetables. I'm just gonna stay small." I asked, "forever?" She said, "yes." Then I asked, "what about when you get older, you won't be able to drive because you'll be too little." Peyton said,(as she giggled) "Oh yeah, that's right..." She ate her vegetables lastnight. :)

Oct 19, 2009

Sick Baby

Peyton is sick with an ear infection. But, that hasn't stopped her from being precious! I was lying in bed with her for a nap when she leaned over and gave me a huge hug. Then she said, "Momma, can I lick you? Cause you're so sweet!" Then later I noticed that she was having problems opening a movie. I told her that I would do it for her. Then she said in a precious voice, "You're always here to help me momma."

Oct 12, 2009

Peyton's Birthday Party

Peyton's 3rd birthday party went very well! She was a bit hazy from the benadryl to hold off her runny nose, but still had a blast. Enjoy the pictures!

Oct 5, 2009

Oh Jesus!

So, Peyton's halloween themed costume birthday party is Saturday. We went to a halloween store to look at costumes for mommy and daddy-we decided on a cheaper solution of headbands and tails. I will be a kitty cat and Kris is.....A PIG!!!! Well, on the way home Peyton says from the backseat, "Momma, I wanna be Jesus." I didn't know whether to laugh or pray! I quickly told her that dressing up as Jesus wasn't okay since there's only one Jesus. I think we found a good middle ground with Minnie Mouse.

Flap your wings!

My mom took Peyton to get breakfast and her meal came with a toy. The toy was a bear with wings like a fairy. My mom said she could hear Peyton talking to the toy in the backseat but couldn't understand what she was saying. Then Peyton said, "MA! THIS BEAR WON'T FLAP ITS WINGS FOR ME!" That's my bossy little girl.

Sep 30, 2009

Pancakes = LOVE

Peyton occassionally gets pancakes for breakfast from McDonalds. She absolutely adores pancake mornings! On Tuesday she asked for pancakes while we were driving to school. Because of morning time restraints we couldn't go until Friday. I said, "We will get pancakes on Friday, okay?" Then in the next breath I said, "I just love you soooo much!" Then Peyton says, "You don't love me NOW Momma?" I guess she thought I was only going to love her on Friday because that's when I was getting her pancakes! PANCAKES = LOVE!!!!

Well, today is only Wednesday but I stopped for pancakes. I was late to work but I didn't care because pancakes = love.

Sep 24, 2009

So many cute stories!

Peyton does so many precious things each day, but these are the highlights from this week: -Peyton complained this morning that her carseat was too tight. I told her, "that's because you're getting so big!" Then she made a sad face and lowered her head. She said, "but I still can't reach the top drawer." Hilarious! -tonight Peyton wanted to rollerskate. Afterwards I told her that I needed to get skates too so we could skate together. Then in the sweetest voice she said, "I really need to practice skating. I need to learn how to skate good mommy.". She really is growing into a little girl, not a baby anymore.

Sep 22, 2009

Scooby Dooby Doo!

Peyton is now fascinated with all things Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo is the only cartoon she will watch now. She repeatedly watches one movie entitled, "Zombie Island." She has memorized many of the lines from this movie and now repeats them. She looked at her dinner plate and said, "what do you have for me buddy ole pal?"-as Shaggy says to Scooby. She also said, "You're so corny momma."-a line that Daphne says to Fred. If I'm going to be forced to watch a cartoon a billion times at least it's a classic!

Sep 20, 2009

My cheerleader!


Sep 17, 2009

Almost THREE!

Peyton is growing up too fast! Everything she does has to be done independently. She wants to get in and out of the bath tub alone, brush her teeth, put on her pajamas, and sometimes play alone. It makes me realize how much older she is getting and makes me a little sad. :( She is super excited about her 3rd birthday in October. We are throwing her a costume birthday party with the spirit of Halloween. She has chosen a Minnie Mouse costume and I cannot wait to see her in it. She wants me and Kris to dress as witches...her original costume preference. I will post some Birthday pictures after the party so everyone can enjoy.

Sep 9, 2009

Bad Manners

My mom was only teasing when she told Peyton that she was going to let her in on a secret. Peyton said, "It's not nice to keep secrets Ma. It's bad manners."

Sep 3, 2009

Thank God!

Peyton was sitting on the potty and said, "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our potty!" Then she giggled and thanked God again, "thanks for the potty."

Aug 27, 2009

A small misunderstanding...

Our first case of bullying and peer pressure occurred this week at school. This past weekend I had a discussion with Peyton about her birthday. She has decided on a Halloween themed costume party. She is super excited. Apparently she brought that excitement with her to school on Monday.
Peyton asked a child, we'll call her Jane, in her classroom if she wanted to come to her birthday party. Jane said "no!" Well, Peyton was very hurt by this. More hurt than I realized. She told me about 'Jane' saying "no!" after we arrived home from school. I tried not to make it a big deal so maybe Peyton would lose focus on it. I simply told her that her friends from school were not coming to her party because we were not inviting them. I also explained that it was going to be a smaller party, and that her entire class coming would be too many people. Of course she didn't hear the last part.
Well, the next day, Tuesday, she had a note after school that simply said, "Peyton was mean to her friends today and followed others bad decisions" Kris picked her up so I was unable to ask questions to the teacher. So, yesterday I told Ms. Katie-the teacher-about Monday and how Peyton was upset because of 'Jane' refusing Peyton's birthday invite. Ms. Katie said "it all makes sense now." Katie told me Peyton had walked up to her classmates on Tuesday and said,with arms crossed, "I am having a birthday party and YOU can't come!" Apparently that is all she remembered from our conversation. Then she continued her bad mood for the rest of the day.
I thought it was funny that she stood up for herself with 'Jane' but sad that it bothered her so much. She is back to her regular self, the sweet one! It just took a little self esteem building from me and Kris.
It seems too early for mean kids at school...

Aug 24, 2009

New Pictures-click pic to make larger


Aug 21, 2009

New pictures!


Peyton was trying to pick up Jack, our dog. I told her that he was too big for her to pick up. Peyton looked up at me and said, "We need to get a smaller dog momma."

Aug 17, 2009

Love, love, love

Peyton hugged Kris' leg and said,"Daddy, I love you. You're great." Kris of course told her that he loved her and she was great too. Then she said,"I know...I'm tough too." Then she walked over to me and said,"I still love you too mommy, it's only fair." What a comedian. If only she understood labor pains she would see how fair it is that she "still" loves me! :)

Aug 10, 2009

Sweet Ending to a Sour Day!

School started back today and it was 96 degees outside. I got to work and it was hotter than that in my room! Uhggg! No air! But when I picked Peyton up from school she made me forget the sweat and the stinch from the kids. I had my nephew in the car too. He's 7 and can buckle himself into his seat. Peyton said,"I'm not good at buckling my seat...(long pause)...but I am good at playing toys and cutting." How precious. When you're good at that what else do you need?!

Jul 22, 2009

End of Summer almost here


I can't believe summer break is almost over. We have enjoyed our time with Peyton so very much. Peyton and I went to Alabama with my mom and nephew last weekend to see my grandparents. She was so excited! She kept saying,"I am happy! We are going to Bama-Bama!"The trip went well except for the frequent potty breaks that she demanded. Our seven hour trip turned into nine hours. Yikes! I attached a couple of pictures I took in Alabama.

Jul 10, 2009

The "S" word

Well, Peyton has began saying the "S" word. Don't worry, it's not what you think! She is saying "stupid." Kris and I took Peyton to a museum and she said, "those dinosaurs are stupid." I quickly suggested that she replace that word with "silly." Then Peyton said, "But momma, the dinosaurs aren't silly, they are stupid!!" OH DEAR! We've got a feisty one!

Jun 23, 2009

From the mouths of babes...


Yesterday, on our way home from school, Peyton said, "Momma, I'm getting bigger." I asked her, "How are you getting bigger?" Peyton said, "Momma, I'm just doing it." So cute. She says a lot of cute things. Sunday morning she woke up and said, "I'm very hungry. I want pudding. Pudding sounds great!" My favorite is when we are leaving her and she'll yell, "hug and kiss, hug and kiss." I also LOVE when she is hugging me and says, "I love you so much." She's such a sweet girl. But of course there are things I don't love as much. One of my most loathed phrases is,"not fair mommy!" Yuck! I hate it when she says this. I feel like I have a glimpse into her teen years. I'm already looking into boarding schools! When she gets in trouble her voice gets very serious and has a tinge of a Chinese accent. She'll ask, "Why I trouble?" and put her hands out. If I'm fussing at her she'll use that same funny voice and ask,"Why you talk this way?" It's hard to stay serious because she's so goofy! She is still doing well after yesterdays car accident, but her story has changed a bit. Now it ends with a monster(tow truck) taking daddy's car!

Jun 22, 2009

My husband, the hero!


Today, Kris and Peyton were in a car accident. Someone turned in front of him at an intersection. They are both okay and the car only has minor damage. I am so thankful that Kris was paying attention or things could have been worse. (MY HERO!!) Right after the cars collided Peyton said, "WHOA! What happened?!!" She was a little shaken up after the police cars arrived with their flashing lights. Then, on the way to school, Peyton told Munner, "We need to talk." After Munner questioned her about her well-being, Peyton did say that her nose and pinky finger hurt. That's my little drama queen!

Happy Father's Day!


Peyton loves ice cream cake. She also loves to sing and celebrate any occasion. From Birthdays to Arbor day, she wants a cake. Munner(Kris' mom)helps to support Peyton's addiction to cake and singing. Last night Peyton sang her rendition of "happy father's day" to Kris and Grandpa and it was precious! I tried to upload the video but I was unsuccessful, but I'll keep trying!

Jun 19, 2009

Three stars again...

Kris took her to Chuck E Cheese this time. It's cheaper when she's bad.

Jun 18, 2009

I got three stars momma!


Okay folks, everyone knows that 2 year olds are a handful. But, I have managed to avoid this commonality until now. Peyton is earning stars in class now that she has moved up to the young 3's class. Well, for the last several days she has had stars 'taken away' and also had the details of her naughty deeds on the back of her notes. One read,"Peyton kept her friends from sleeping. She was singing loudly and throwing her blanket." The next one read, "Peyton threw wood chips on the playground and Peyton threw toys in the classroom." Now as a teacher I understand this is a problem, but as a mother I am thinking, she has a beautiful voice that the kids are sure to enjoy and if you don't want kids to throw wood chips, don't have em! Well, the teacher side of me began to take her behavior seriously. Each morning she would enter school assuring us that she would get all of her stars by following the rules. Well, Wednesday it finally happened! Peyton called me from Kris' phone and said, "Mommy, I got three stars! I did it!" She later returned home with daddy and two treats from Baskin Robbins. Can we afford for her to be good everyday?

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