Jun 23, 2011


So, today while I was extremely bored at work, I began reminiscing. I was thinking about a much younger Peyton. She has grown up so much in the last several months and it makes me terribly sad. It is exciting to have another baby to relive all of the fun, chubby legged (hers, not mine) experiences I had with Peyton. I know Peyton is going to be such an incredible big sister. I cannot wait for the fun ahead!
This is a picture of Peyton at ONE year old. Look at those chubby arms...just want to squeeze her! 

Jun 20, 2011

Baby Shower

I was blessed to have two very special ladies throw me a baby shower to celebrate Micah Rose this past Saturday. Stacey and Angie hosted such a beautiful shower. I was very appreciative of our friends who were able to attend and the sweet gifts.

Peyton was very helpful and opened each of Micah's gifts. She is so excited about being a big sister. She reminds me often that she will be doing most of the work and she will let me know if she needs any help.

Only 5 more weeks until Micah's arrival!!!

Jun 8, 2011


Yesterday was a day of celebration times 2. It was Kathy's (munner) birthday and it was our 8th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that Kris and I have been married for EIGHT years. After a long day of working summer school I decided a night at home would be much better than going to dinner. But, we did get a cake for Munner's birthday. When it was time to put candles on the cake we realized we were completely out of the bulk pack of birthday candles that are probably older than me. Kris decided to get creative by shoving a hot pink marker into the top of the cake. Peyton led us in a birthday song and then helped Munner blow out her marker. All in all, a good day. While everyone was eating I asked Peyton why people get married. She said, "Because they like eachother. Because they love eachother. Because they think the other person is a good person." That sums it up for me.

Jun 6, 2011

Peyton, pregnancy and Pre-K


Peyton is now old enough to move into the Pre-K classroom. She is super pumped about this change of scenery but momma is super anxious. I have always been a little nutty when it pertains to my little girl. But the thought of her moving upstairs at school, away from the baby classes and close to the big kids, makes me nervous. Peyton, on the other hand, spent several hours last night squeeling about Pre-K and how proud she is of herself. Kris and I cannot believe it is already time for our baby to go to Pre-K. It is really annoying when people tell you how fast time flies with your children, but it is SO TRUE. It feels like just yesterday that I was chasing her around the house to video tape her crawling.

As you can see, I am now 32 weeks pregnant. I am really beginning to slow down and the 100 degree Memphis temps have become my enemy. I am looking forward to late July and this sweet baby girl's arrival.

Jun 2, 2011

Big Wheels


Busy bees

Okay, as usual it has been months since I posted. Sorry to the few family members who check this thing regularly. Well, we have been extremely busy lately. We have a contract on a beautiful house that the three of us love. We are supposed to close on the house on June 23rd. We are very excited since this is something we have looked forward to for a long while. Also, baby Micah will be here in the next 8 weeks! Peyton has become quite annoyed with the long wait. She speaks to Micah daily and always wants to hug and kiss my belly. So basically in 8 weeks we have to move and have a baby. I of course am completely rational and not at all stressed by this...right.
Kris just wrapped up the track season and his kids were pretty successful. Of course in true Kris Harman fashion he is looking forward to next season already. At the track banquet, several of the Seniors had some pretty incredible things to say about Kris which made my pregnant and hormonal self tear up a little. Awkward. One of the kids referred to Kris as a "second father." It was an awesome time but I am happy the season is over so that Peyton and I can have Kris to ourselves for a bit. On that note, in the last 48 hours Kris has taken Peyton to a water park, two regular parks, swimming, played in the sprinklers, practiced baseball and had several restaurant trips. This is what happens while I work summer school folks.

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