Dec 7, 2011

One more quick pic of Micah...

Look at that Mohawk and those yummy cheeks!

Micah and Peyton

The girls are wonderful! Of course by now we have become accustomed to having two little girls. The difference basically adds up to an extra person to bathe and feed which is completely counter balanced with the joy that Micah brings. Peyton is absolutely in love with her and frequently tells me and Kris, "I love Micah more than anyone." Which I take in stride, knowing that I have the fabulous job of making sure Peyton always loves Micah that much! Micah is now 4 months old and a beefy 15 lbs. She is such a pleasant baby and has blessed us by sleeping through the night. Peyton did not sleep through the night until she was 10 months old, so I am completely convinced this is God's little gift to us, a consolation prize for the previous sleepless nights. :) Micah is very strong and enjoys standing in her exersaucer while Peyton loudly attempts to teach her how to play with every toy attached to the thing. Peyton makes me smile when I hear her telling Micah the ways of the world. (How to talk, what to do when someone is mean to you, How Jesus died on the cross for us, "and you too Micah" she says) I cannot believe my heart can carry so much love for those two baby girls. It's the most incredible feeling yet so heart wrenching to have your soul out there in the world, out of your body, trusting others to take the best care of it.
On another note, I cannot believe that Christmas time is here again. Peyton loved helping me decorate so much that we ended up with two trees in the Living Room and one little tree in her room. It is so much fun to celebrate the season with children. Their little faces are just too precious. We have adopted an elf like many families I know. Peyton named him Elvis Snowflake Glitter. His job is to hang around the house all day getting juicy information on Peyton's behavior for Santa. Then at night Elvis jets off to the North Pole and gives Santa the skinny. Then he returns to the house and sits in a different spot. So far I have only forgotten to move the stinkn' thing once, which I quickly made up a cover story. I am looking forward to my 2 weeks off of work to enjoy Christmas movies, ice skating and pajama days with my little ladies.

Below is a picture of me with the girls at the Pink Palace Museum. I surprised Peyton by bringing her there to watch Santa Clause land in a helicopter! Afterwards we looked at the beautiful trees and decorations set up inside and had the girls' picture taken with Santa too.

Kris had track practice that morning but my Mom was kind enough to assist me with the outing. It's always easier with an extra pair of hands!

Peyton is such a gorgeous FIVE year old!!

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