Aug 27, 2009

A small misunderstanding...

Our first case of bullying and peer pressure occurred this week at school. This past weekend I had a discussion with Peyton about her birthday. She has decided on a Halloween themed costume party. She is super excited. Apparently she brought that excitement with her to school on Monday.
Peyton asked a child, we'll call her Jane, in her classroom if she wanted to come to her birthday party. Jane said "no!" Well, Peyton was very hurt by this. More hurt than I realized. She told me about 'Jane' saying "no!" after we arrived home from school. I tried not to make it a big deal so maybe Peyton would lose focus on it. I simply told her that her friends from school were not coming to her party because we were not inviting them. I also explained that it was going to be a smaller party, and that her entire class coming would be too many people. Of course she didn't hear the last part.
Well, the next day, Tuesday, she had a note after school that simply said, "Peyton was mean to her friends today and followed others bad decisions" Kris picked her up so I was unable to ask questions to the teacher. So, yesterday I told Ms. Katie-the teacher-about Monday and how Peyton was upset because of 'Jane' refusing Peyton's birthday invite. Ms. Katie said "it all makes sense now." Katie told me Peyton had walked up to her classmates on Tuesday and said,with arms crossed, "I am having a birthday party and YOU can't come!" Apparently that is all she remembered from our conversation. Then she continued her bad mood for the rest of the day.
I thought it was funny that she stood up for herself with 'Jane' but sad that it bothered her so much. She is back to her regular self, the sweet one! It just took a little self esteem building from me and Kris.
It seems too early for mean kids at school...

Aug 24, 2009

New Pictures-click pic to make larger


Aug 21, 2009

New pictures!


Peyton was trying to pick up Jack, our dog. I told her that he was too big for her to pick up. Peyton looked up at me and said, "We need to get a smaller dog momma."

Aug 17, 2009

Love, love, love

Peyton hugged Kris' leg and said,"Daddy, I love you. You're great." Kris of course told her that he loved her and she was great too. Then she said,"I know...I'm tough too." Then she walked over to me and said,"I still love you too mommy, it's only fair." What a comedian. If only she understood labor pains she would see how fair it is that she "still" loves me! :)

Aug 10, 2009

Sweet Ending to a Sour Day!

School started back today and it was 96 degees outside. I got to work and it was hotter than that in my room! Uhggg! No air! But when I picked Peyton up from school she made me forget the sweat and the stinch from the kids. I had my nephew in the car too. He's 7 and can buckle himself into his seat. Peyton said,"I'm not good at buckling my seat...(long pause)...but I am good at playing toys and cutting." How precious. When you're good at that what else do you need?!

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