May 30, 2012


What in the hell is going on? I feel like this kid was just born and now she has to go to a giant school and ride a bus and eat lunch out of a sack and tie her own shoes and and and.....DEEP BREATHS. I am having a difficult time with the whole Kindergarten thing. I think anyone who knows me would describe me as overprotective, nuts, paranoid and other things when it comes to the safety of my kids. I am usually a really laid back person BUT not with my kids. I stay in mama bear mode. So of course Kindergarten sounds like a cuss word right now. Peyton is so excited about graduating Pre-K and moving on so I try to mirror her excitement even if it is a mask for, "Oh, crap! I am freaking out in here!"

This is Peyton at 2 years old. This is the kid I FEEL like I am sending to Kindergarten.

But THIS is the child that IS going to Kindergarten. A beautiful, kind, energetic, independent little lady. I am proud to be her mother.

The school that she attended for PRE-K worked so hard on a program for the PRE-K graduation.We are really going to miss her teacher, Ms. April, who was an absolute angel to our family.

The kids were precious and sang songs, danced a little and basically just acted cute.
Seeing Peyton in her little cap and gown made me have some weird future photo montage in my head where I imagined her in my arms after she was born, then her in her Pre-K cap and gown, then high school cap and gown, college, a wedding dress, her own kids running around her...It's crazy because this is it. This is your life and these little milestones make you wonder, Where did it go? That moment when you think If I could just hold on to this forever...But then the baby needs her bottle and Kris can't find his keys AGAIN and Peyton wants me to watch how high she can jump...
So, you keep moving.

May 18, 2012

Whoa baby!

Micah is growing way too fast for me! With this being the SECOND child I am a true believer that kids grow up too fast. enjoy it while you can, and all of those other obnoxious sayings people pelt you with when you have your first kid. I decided to enjoy every moment this time, not get overwhelmed or frustrated over teething and other things that last for such a small amount of time. So far it has worked well. I figure I will wait and be annoyed when they turn 12 and start rolling their eyes and stuff. So I have enjoyed everything and wanted to share a few precious moments I have captured with the phone:

This picture shows my favorite 'trick' that Micah does. When you ask, "How BIG is the Baby?" She raises her arms over her head and we say, "SOOOO BIG!!!" My mother-in-law taught both the kids this trick and it is freaking adorable!

Here's ol chunk smiling up at me from her stroller.

 Micah with her daddy. She looks just like him.

 Here is one of the pics made of Peyton & Micah for Mother's Day.

Warrior Dash 2012

About one month ago I participated in a Warrior Dash in Jackson, MS. It was one of the most physically difficult things I have ever done! My friend Debbie and I prepared as much as we could before that fateful day. The race was about 3.5 miles and was through EXTREMELY muddy trails and included over a dozen obstacles. My favorite obstacle was a super high wall that we had to climb over. I freaked out the entire way up and then Debbie freaked out the entire way down...TEAMWORK!!! We were super proud of ourselves for finishing. Then we went back to the campground and had a dinner of Chex mix and Goldfish crackers with wine. It was a blast and we also raised money for St. Jude. :)

Here is a picture of before the race. Look how clean and dry we are...

Now this is a picture of afterwards... Keep in mind we had already been rinsed off with a fire hose before this picture.

May 14, 2012

No rest for the weary!

This weekend was super dooper busy! It was filled with fun, friends and family.
My grandparents are in town from Alabama and it has been great to visit with them. They are such precious people and anytime I get to see them is truly so special. On Saturday morning we went to Peyton's rainy soccer game which was wet but still fun. She unfortunately had her face in the way of one of the balls. As you can see she is one tough cookie!

I also attended a baby shower for Kris' niece, Deidre. Peyton assisted her with her gift opening and cupcake eating. Then we went to a party/fundraiser for our dear friend Curt. Curt will be moving to Africa in August for Missionary work. Curt is truly a wonderful example of how God will pull his people from any circumstances and put them to work.
Mother's Day was beautiful. My three loves gave me a card and lots of affection. Then we headed to church followed by some family time. I also went and spent some time with my lovely mother!

I am so ready for the last 5 days of this school year to get out of my way! I am ready to spend some much needed time with my babies! :)

May 11, 2012

MAY: Mothers, Babies and Graduations

I love May! May has the best weather, the school year ends, I get to celebrate Mother's day with my incredible mom and equally wonderful mother-in-law, and I get fabulous hand made art from my oldest little lady to celebrate ME!
I am super excited about this particular school year ending because I get to spend time with the girls who are growing like weeds, on steroids!

  •  is now NINE months old
  • crawling
  • pulling up
  • cruising
  • waving
  • saying mama, and dada
  • clapping
  • being super cute
  • is still FIVE years old
  • rides her bike like a maniac
  • enjoys everything girly
  • graduates from Pre-K on the 22nd
  • is the BEST big sister ever

Kris is finishing up his track season at Houston High School. The team has a great chance of winning state this year. I am praying they come home with the state title this year. God knows they deserve it.

I am super proud of all the wonderful things going on with the Harman Heathens right now. They are all so precious to me and as Mother's Day approaches I really feel so fortunate to have them in my life. Time is so precious and needs to be spent with the MOST precious.
While the quality of this picture is wretched, you get the point...they're cute. :)

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