Jun 14, 2012

The artist...

Yesterday, I was flying around the house like Superwoman, picking up random wrappers, pillows off the ground, empty cups, naked dolls, 7 dusty pacifiers, and then I saw a stack of paper stapled together. I recognized the top picture as some of Peyton's fabulous art work. As I flipped throught the "book" I could not stop smiling at how adorable the pictures were. I decided to take pictures of some of them so I could share.

First, a picture of the Artist, Peyton:

Here is a picture of "Our Family." I asked Peyton why there were 3 grown ups and she said one of them is Auntie Jen. (Kris' sister)

How adorable and touching that a five year old would draw a crayon picture of our Lord on the cross. Right after Micah was born she drew a picture for Micah that looked very similar and then held it in front of Micah and told her, "This is Jesus. He died on the cross for me. And you TOO!"

This one is my favorite. I asked, "What's going on here?" Peyton said, "That's you and Daddy on your wedding day." Sheesh! Look at what a large lady I am!

I asked her about this picture and Peyton said, "This is Micah when she came out of Mommy's belly."

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