Jun 22, 2012


The Harman kids are ridiculous. Like most kids, you buy them toys and they end up playing with random stuff. As you can see in the picture (see below), Peyton is playing with pom poms that are a decade old and Micah is playing with a fancy ruler.

Kids with Cheap toys

The ladies are already so different from one another. Peyton reminds me of myself, making up silly songs, doing crazy dances and generally entertaining herself. Micah on the other hand thinks Peyton is a fool and looks at her with her forehead crinkled. In that way, she is like Kris. (and of course the way she looks too)

This is Peyton's mischievious look

Micah was having a serious moment with Jack

Here are a series of pictures that show what a sneaky McSneakerson Micah is:

First, Micah rips the bow out of Peyton's doll's hair:

Next, she attempts to hide it in her toy basket:

Last, I say, "Micah!"
This is her "busted" look.

This picture is an example of what happens when I try to get a decent pic of the ladies together:

And this is how Micah crawls. One knee, one foot.

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